Affiliate Marketing Ebook

affiliate marketing ebookThere are many affiliate marketing ebooks out there. Nowadays, there are even more affiliate training courses, because people use videos and audios to train people about affiliate marketing. But the truth is, while multimedia makes things shiny, some of the most useful stuff I got came from simple ebooks.

Yes, you can always buy into an overhyped “Secret Affiliate Marketing” course for hundreds of dollars. But my suggestion is you get the basics straight before you go into any advanced stuff. Because there is A LOT to affiliate marketing.

Believe me, there is no easy-push-button way to make money on the internet. You need to have some knowledge.

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That does NOT mean that you have to slave away day and night in front of your computer. But it does mean that you in order to make money as an affiliate you will need to work, and you will need to do some things and have some knowledge about how online affiliate marketing is being done.

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist. Get the basics straight first, so that you know what this whole thing is about.

I offer a lot of free information on this site about affiliate marketing, but hopping around a website isn’t really the best way to get started. That is why I created the affiliate marketing ebook.

The Affiliate Marketing Ebook is a proven, step-by-step blueprint to affiliate success.

Here is a quick glimpse into just some of the things that are covered in the Affiliate Marketing Ebook:

  • What exactly is affiliate marketing?
  • What is a merchant?
  • What is an affiliate network?
  • What is an affiliate program?
  • What are the most popular affiliate communities?
  • What is CPA and what are CPA networks?
  • How to get a free account so you can start promoting offers as an affiliate with the best affiliate networks out there.
  • How to find offers to promote
  • How to identify which offers will make you the most money.
  • Tools that really give you insight into the best ways to promote a product.
  • What your most important asset as an affiliate is and how to grow it
  • How to create your own free affiliate website even if you don’t know anything about programming or the internet
  • Which kind of website you should build to make the most money per visitor
  • How to get people to your website
  • Simple SEO secrets
  • free and easy ways to get more visitors to your website
  • How to get informed about upcoming super-launches, that are most likely to give you a quick affiliate income boost
  • How to protect your affiliate commissions (if you don’t know this, it’s very likely that you’ll be a victim of commission theft)
  • What is keyword research and how to do it.
  • discover how you can shift your efforts into high gear, and race past anyone and everyone in your path.
  • free tools that do the hard work for you and make researching markets more easy
  • gain an instant education in affiliate marketplace communities and discover the best places to find the hottest selling products, every time.
  • My own swipefile – I will personally hand over my private swipe file that includes some of the best traffic generation tactics on the Internet. Best of all, they are all absolutely free.
  • and a lot more

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Click Here For The Affliate Marketing Ebook