Affiliate Marketing Tools

Micro Niche FinderIf you are an affiliate marketer, then the right affiliate marketing tools will really give you a big advantage over other affiliates who try to do things “by hand”.

Because on the web, it’s all comes down to information and hard data at one point. You want to find the offers that make you the most money.

I have literally increased my profits by more than 400% at times by just switching from promoting one offer to another offer.

So did I get the idea to try the other offer in the first place and go through the trouble of going back to my website and switching offers? (Stuff that I hate doing).

Because of the research I did. And I found out that the other offer had a much higher chance of making me more money.

So I said: “Ah, what the heck, this is gonna be worth the trouble.”

And how did I do my research?

Yes, you guessed it: with some of my favourite affiliate marketing tools.

Some of them have free options that are good enough, some of them are not free but well worth their money.

This is a great tool for affiliate marketers, because you can easily locate great offers to promote across various affiliate networks. I could write a lot more about the benefits and merits of AffSpy, but the interface is so easy to use, that instead I am just going to tell you: hop over there and try it out for yourself.

Micro Niche Finder

Micro Niche Finder really is an affiliate marketer’s dream. It makes it very easy to locate “micro niches” where you can become profitable easily. Of course you can go for big, broad general things like “weightloss”, but in order to establish yourself there and get some eyeballs, you will need to use a huge amount of energy, time and money.

But a “micro niche” is a niche that you can enter without lots of energy, time and money. Yes, you will still need to work to make money with that micro niche, but it’s a lot less hard than the big ones. Click here to check out Micro Niche Finder.

This is another incredibly powerful affiliate marketing tool. It basically allows you to spy on your competition. You can type in a product name, and see who is promoting it online, and what PPC keywords they bid on, and what ad copy they run, what their landing pages are, the other keywords they bid on, even how much they spend online.

It’s actually quiet scary, because it shows you how open and easily accessible all your data is. It’s all in the open out there.

SpyFu has a free and a paid version. Both are great. Once you can afford it, definitely go for the paid, but till then, there is so much that you can do with the free that that’s ok. Check it out here.

Affiliate Elite

This is a very popular affiliate marketing tool created by Brad Callen. It’s very powerful because with it, you can find out what products successful affiliates are promoting right now, see trends in different markets (which helps you to decide smarter), see the exact keywords that people are bidding for (without the limits of SpyFu), and a lot more.

This really can be a shortcut to affiliate income. But: it is NOT an easy piece of software. If you want to use affiliate elite, you will have to invest some time into learning how to use it, and how to make sense of the data it provides you. If you are totally new to affiliate marketing, then I would rather suggest you take a look at One Week Marketing and Micro Niche Finder, rather than this one.

But if you already have some experience in Affiliate Marketing, then Affiliate Elite is a great tool

Google Keyword Tool

Google’s own keyword tool is one of the most powerful affiliate marketing tools out there. They could easily charge hundreds of dollars for it, but they make so much more money from AdWords that they are willing to give it away for free.

The Google Keyword Tool HAS to be a part of every campaign you set up. If you don’t use the keyword tool AT LEAST once for every campaign, than you are really doing things wrong.

There are many more affiliate marketing tools, free and paid ones that I could write about.

And then there are also certain “tricks” that you should know about how to use the tools. For example, most people never really figure out how to use the Google Keyword Tool really effectively. And what to look for in SpyFu, and how to make sense of the data that you get.

Affiliate Marketing Tools make life easier, but there is still some work involved in analyzing the data you get.  But even that can be made a lot easier if you have the right methods.

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