AffiloBlueprint Review

Mark Ling From AffiloBlueprint

Mark Ling From AffiloBlueprint

AffiloBlueprint by Mark Ling is a course that helps you from knowing nothing about internet and affiliate marketing, to making a passive income online.

I have taken this course myself and am very impressed. Mark Ling creates an affiliate website while you get to watch over his shoulder and follow the whole process. He starts in a niche market that has nothing to do with affiliate marketing – it’s a pretty obscure niche about a popular computer game called “World of Warcraft”.

Mark knew NOTHING about this computer game, but still he managed to create a profitable affiliate website and write articles on that subject. He shows you exactly how to do that. This website is making Mark $500 PER WEEK!

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I have taken the course, and quiet frankly – I have not achieved these results myself. Making $2000 a month from one single small affiliate website that I don’t need to touch again would be really nice for me. But I have many smaller sites that are working day and night for me.

That’s why I do NOT recommend that you take this course hoping: oh, I will make $500 per week from my first site. Because it’s unlikely to happen.

(Although one of his students is now making $400 a day using the exact same method. Again, I haven’t managed to get those results, but AffiloBlueprint is just one of my online income methods).

For whom is AffiloBlueprint good?

This course is both good for beginners, as for struggling advanced online marketers.

Internet Marketing Beginners:

If you don’t know how to set up a website, how to become an affiliate, how to chose products to promote, and how to make a consistent online income, then you will learn every single step in here. From creating a banner for your website to setting up an autoresponder. This might sound like a lot of work, but it really is easy when you have the right step-by-step instructions. (Let me tell you though: work IS involved. If you look for a magic button on the internet that you just need to push and then money comes flowing into your bank account day and night… good luck, this is not it).

(Struggling) Intermediate And Advanced Online Marketers:

Maybe you “know it all” when it comes to online marketing. You have already studied several courses but failed to make a consistent income online. Not because you are lazy (I hope!), but because there are so many pieces to this puzzle that you haven’t found a way to put them together in a way that makes you real money. The AffiloBlueprint really is a step-by-step tutorial that leads you through EVERY single detail of the process so you can follow along and do it right from the getgo. (I know there are lots of so called “step by step blueprints” that leave out huge, vital chunks of information and leave you hanging in a grey area where you have to “guess” your way to profitability. Not with AffiloBlueprint).

As of right now, AffiloBlueprint is closed down, but it will reopen again after the current students have gone through the course. In the meantime, you can sign up for your Affilorama membership. Affilorama is a complete affiliate training , and they have both a free and a premium version.

affiloramaOne of the great things about Affilorama and the AffiloBlueprint is the support you get. You get really helpful support, people who know what they are doing will review your sites. Even Mark Ling himself reviews the sites and can tell you exactly, with pinpoint accuracy, what to do in order to improve your pages, where you made a mistake and how to fix it and so on.

I have never joined an online community where the support you get is that fast, and that high quality. There are lots of online marketing forums out there where everybody and his grandmother will tell you their opinion about your site, but the advice you get at Affilorama is from people who KNOW how it works, because they are doing the exact same thing successfully. It really is like a one-on-one coaching.

As I said, AffiloBlueprint is an Affilorama product. You can sign up for your free Affilorama membership here and get started.