Article Marketing Strategies

articlebullyWhy should you have an article marketing strategy?

The answer is easy: if you just go out there and do article marketing, writing one article after another… you might end up making some money.

But if you want to make a living, then you will have to slave away like a sweatshop-worker. You will have to churn out dozens of articles a day continuously, day in and day out, and spend hours just submitting them to different directories.

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But this isn’t what article marketing is about. Article marketing is supposed to give you some financial freedom and security. It shouldn’t chain you to a desk typing until you develop repetitive strain injury and a hunchback from slaving away over your articles.

That’s why you need a strategy.

Leverage Your Assets With An Article Marketing Strategy

An article marketing strategy helps you to multiply the effects of each article you put out there. It’s kind of like an amplifier.

Imagine you would want to sell beer at an open air concert. You put up your booth, but to make more business, you also decide to promote your beer by shouting: “Beer! Fresh cold beer!”

You could scream at the top of your lungs until your head turns red and your voice breaks, but chances are with all the loud music from the huge speakers, only the people that accidentally happen to stand in front of you will hear you.

But now imagine being handed over the mic by the lead singer… and say the same words: “Beer! Fresh cold beer!”

EVERYBODY in the crowd would hear you. And there’d be a huge line in front of your booth very fast. The same words, but amplified.

Now, Mic Jagger isn’t going to hand you his mic anytime soon.

But with article marketing, the difference between someone who has an article marketing strategy and someone who has no article marketing strategy is the difference between being handed the mic or screaming at the top of your lungs till your head explodes.

An article marketing strategy makes sure that your articles get read, and more importantly: that your articles will earn you money.

Whether you want to promote a product as an affiliate or promote your own products or services, I am thoroughly convinced that you absolutely positively do need an article marketing strategy.

Look, I myself am not a good writer. English is my second language, I learned it as a teenager.

But I made a lot of money with article marketing. And so can you.

But you DO need a strategy.

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Article BullyMike has been into article marketing for quiet some time, he made more than half a million dollars with article marketing, and I am convinced that he will make a lot more with it in the years to come. If you apply the techniques he is teaching you, and really follow through, I can’t see how you could possibly fail.

Does it take some work? Yes. But is it worth it? Yes!

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