Easy Ebay Money

Easy Ebay MoneyIn this article we are going to look at what I call “easy ebay money”. Maybe you have already bought something on ebay. Maybe you even sold something. If you ever sold something on ebay, you know that it isn’t exactly “easy”. In fact, it can be quiet a hustle. That is why the Easy Ebay Money Method does NOT involve selling anything at all.

Huh? Wait a moment… did I just say that you can…

… make money from ebay without selling anything?

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That’s exactly what I mean. Look, many of the people who have thousands and thousands of feedback points on ebay make A LOT of money. But how much do they get to keep of it? They have to pay for the products they sell. They have to pay for shipping, fulfillment, inventory, and customers who send back items. They have to pay ebay fees and taxes…

… and you would be surprised that many of the so called “Powersellers” are frantically working 365 days a year while netting no more than $100,000. I know $100,000 a year might not sound to bad to most people, but if you take into consideration the amount of work that is involved, and how much they time they spend on their business, it’s actually really NOT that good. Specially if you can make the same kind of money with a more “relaxed” approach too. (Although that “more relaxed” approach takes work too. But not nearly as much).

You see, you can get easy ebay money by being an affiliate, rather than a seller. An affiliate does not sell anything. An affiliate does nothing but bring people to ebay auctions who then buy something. The affiliate gets a commission for each sale he refers.

How do you bring people to the ebay auctions? No, you don’t have to talk people into buying stuff on ebay. You simply set up “ebay affiliate stores”. For example, you can set up an ebay affiliate store for people who are into smurfs. (And you’d be surprised how many people are buying and selling smurf stuff).

You can set up an ebay affiliate store for people who are into martial arts. Or bonsai trees. Or scrapbooking. Or knitting. Or USB gadgets. Everything that is being bought and sold an ebay is a possibility to create an affiliate store around.

You can create as many stores as you like. You then promote these stores using basic promotion techniques. If you follow the simple step-by-step tutorials that come with the online affiliate store software, you can generate a lot of visitors who buy items on ebay and you get lots of commissions from the biggest online auction site out there.

That’s why I call it the Easy Ebay Money Method. I myself have several stores that make me good money every month on autopilot, and I’m not doing anything. I am not talking thousands of dollars, but just a couple of dollars here and there. Remember: you can set up as many of these stores as you like. Even if each store only makes you $20 per month, if you have 20 stores that’s $400 a month in passive income. I am calculating VERY conservative here. If you stick with the method, you will make a lot more.

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