Email Address Marketing

In this article we are going to look at what email address marketing is, who can profit from it and how to do it. This is an introductory overview, not an in-depth step-by-step tutorial. If you are looking for an email address marketing course, please look at my colleague Michael Rasmussen’s course.

What Is Email Address Marketing?

Email address marketing is another name for email marketing. Basically you send emails to people who have given you permission to receive your messages. Usually this happens via what is called an double opt-in process. Double opt-in means that a website visitor puts his email address in a form on a website and clicks on submit. He will then receive a message in his email inbox asking him to confirm this request by clicking on a link in the email message. Only after the user clicked on the confirmation link is he a subscriber of that email list and will receive messages.

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The reason why nowadays most email communication happens via double-opt-in is because of spam. Too many people have been signed up at mailing lists they have no interested in by other people. The double opt-in process ensures that only the legitimate owner of the email address subscribes to a newsletter.

Email address marketing is a very powerful method of marketing. Because most people still pay more attention to their emails than to any other form of web communication.

Even with the rise of social media, online communities like facebook and micro-blogging platforms like Twitter, Email is still the number 1 way to communicate with people.  Every email that you send out to your list lands in each subscribers email account. (In recent years, there have been more problems with messages being filtered out by spam filters, but if you use a reputable email address marketing service like Aweber or GetResponse spam filters are not much of a problem).

There are many email address marketing strategies that can help you to build a list faster and make sure that you maximize the value of each subscriber to your email list.

One of the major benefits of email address marketing is that you can repeatedly interact with each subscriber. That is very different from a website. If somebody visits your website, most of the time they will never come back to your website again. (Even if they ar interested in your offer, they often simply forget to return because there is so much information out there, and so much things going on in everybody’s life.)

If you put a small subscription form on your website, like the one you can see on the upper left handside of this page, where people can enter their email address, you have to opportunity to communicate with that person again and again. This is a very valuable asset to develop. I honestly think that everybody who has a website should create an email list, because an email list makes you independent from for example website traffic. Maybe Google and other search engines are sending you a lot of traffic now, but search engines are known to change their rankings, and your traffic might drop in the future. If you have an email list, that won’t hurt your business too much, because you still have a way of communicating with people who are most interested in your offer.

If you want to learn more about email address marketing, I highly suggest you click here to check out this email marketing course.