Email Marketing Strategies

email list buildingThere is a common saying among internet marketers that goes: “The money is in the list”.

You may be tired of hearing it, but there is a reason why the people who teach online marketing repeat that phrase over and over again: it’s true.

If you have a good email list, you have a very valuable asset.

What makes a good email list? Well, a good email list is a group of people with whom you have a quality “relationship”.

There are email marketing strategies that help you to build quality relationships with your subscribers.

And there are email marketing strategies that help you to get people into your email list. But I really want to drive this home to you: do NOT obsess too much over how many subscribers you have. It is much more important how close the relationship between you and your subscribers is, how happy they are to receive an email from you, and how attentive they “listen to what you say”.

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In this article, I am just going to introduce some email marketing strategies to you, but I won’t really go into the step-by-step nitty gritty level. However, this is a good start, and if you want to learn more about email marketing, I suggest you subscribe to my list.

First I want to talk about Email Marketing Strategies that help you to build your list. A very “simple” way of getting more subscribers into your autoresponder series is article marketing. If you publish articles that are relevant to your email list, than almost all the people who sign up via your articles will be very interested in your topic. These are really “hot prospects”. Because they went through the trouble of actually reading an article of you, then clicking to the link to your website, then putting in their email information, and then confirming their subscription.

These are quiet some steps to go through – but the thing is: these many small steps put everything else in your favor. Because they made many “micro-commitments”. Each step they took makes it more likely that they will buy from you. Because people have a desire to be consistent. If they took so many action steps, even if they were small steps, that psychologically amplifies their desire for the information you have to offer them.

But this article is not so about email marketing psychology, but about email marketing strategies, so let’s look at another way to enhance the quality of the relationship between your subscribers and you.

When you send out emails, make the reply-to email address an actual email address that you check. Encourage people to reply to you. I know it’s very tempting to put in a no-reply email address and make your autoresponder one-way communication message, where you are the big sender and every subscriber is just a humble recipient. But if you actually encourage people to reply to you, and then answer them, this will be a huge bonding experience for your subscribers, and they will become loyal to you, trust you, and you will become a friend and advisor to them.

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