Finding A Niche

niche finderIf you want to get up and running making money on the internet, finding a niche is one of the most important steps early on in the game.

Let’s start out by really covering the basics and take a quick look at what a niche actually is.

A niche is a group of people that shares an interest, and maybe a passion, about one certain topic. There are large niches, medium niches, small niches, micro niches, and mini-micro niches.

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Example niches:

  • Some examples for large niches are: weightloss; business opportunities; cars, parenting, self-help…
  • Some examples for medium niches are: weightloss for women, work from home business opportunities, car tuning, Christian parenting, motivational self-help
  • Some examples of small niches are: weightloss supplements for women over 40, work from home business opportunities for stay at home moms, car tuning for cadicallac drivers, Christian parenting for African-Americans
  • Some examples of micro-niches are: natural weightloss supplements for women over 40, work from home business opportunities for stay at home moms who can’t type, Christian parenting for African-Americans with ADD kids.
  • Some examples of mini-micro-niches are: natural weightloss supplements for women over 40 suffering from fibromyalgia, work from home opportunities for stay at home moms who can’t type in California, Christian parenting for African-Americans with ADD boys…

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Now, my “classification” isn’t an exact science, those are just examples, and it doesn’t really matter that much at this point. The important point I want you to get is: there are very broad, general niches with lots of potential buyers, and there are tiny, highly focused niches with a lot less buyers.

But when you are starting out, I suggest you focus on these micro-mini niches, because the competition is generally a lot less fierce, and the passion index of the people is a lot higher. They almost feel like your offer is MADE FOR THEM, because it fits them so well.

If you think there is no money in micro-mini niches… well, just look at this product. It’s about building a chicken coop. A DIY chicken coup tutorial.

If you are thinking: “What the… you must be kidding?” No, I’m not. And that site is making A LOT of money. (I don’t have insight into their exact revenues, but from my research I am pretty confident that this weird chicken coop thing makes a nice 6-figure income).

So, don’t be afraid of going into those ultra-specific niches.

The One Mistake People Make When Finding A Niche

There is one mistake that I see people make time and time again when they try to find their niche. They just pick a niche that they THINK will make money.

Look, even though someone is making six figures with a DIY chicken coop guide, that does not mean that you can make six figures with a “how to paint your toenails” guide. Before you develop a product, you absolutely want to do your market research to be sure that it is a viable market.

What is a viable market? It’s a group of people who are willing to spend money on a product like yours. But how can you figure that out before you get involved in a market?

There are a couple of things to look for. The first thing I always look for if I think about a niche market is: is there a magazine. Because if there is a magazine on a certain topic, then I am very confident that this IS a viable niche market. (With some exceptions. For example, there are lots of magazines on politics and economics and social issues, but I would never create an info product around these things because that market just doesn’t buy high-priced info products. They buy newspapers, and magazines, and that’s it).

Then also look for competitors in that market. People who are selling similar products to the one you want to sell. Many people think that if there are competitors in a niche, that’s a bad thing. No, it’s not. It’s a great thing. If there is competition in a niche, then it simply means that there is money being made.

There is a lot more to finding your niche online. A lot of it is about keyword research, and competitive analysis. There is A LOT to it. You want to analyze PPC competitors, their campaigns, the keywords they bid on, how long they bid on those keywords already, how much they bid on each keyword, their total ad spending, SEO competitiveness, how many websites there are with a specific phrase in the title, how many backlinks each site has, what the PageRank of the sites themselves and the sites that are linking to them are, and on and on and on… the good news is there is a tool that finds a niche for you.

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