Get Google Ads Free Review

In this Get Google Ads Free Review I am going to look the up- and downsides of Get Google Ads Free. Get Google Ads Free is a program that teaches you how to make money with Google Adwords.

The salesletter says the guy got $87 million in Google PPC ads for free and made over $314 million in return. The person who created this system was a retired New York doctor.

Now, you should know that this is one of the bestselling products in the online business opportunity field for quiet some time now. Lots of people have bought this course.

I want to tell you what I LIKE about Get Google Ads Free: I like the salescopy and the marketing process. Just look at how they are selling this thing and put the salesletter into your swipefile. A product that consistently sells this much is definitely a marketing masterpiece.

Now I want to tell you what I DON’T like about Get Google Ads Free: everything else. The product itself does not deliver on what it promises you, and without going into too much detail and revealing the method that he teaches in this course… I can say that this method would not work for me, and I have not yet met somebody for whom it worked. It’s about a specific arbitrage system where you buy Google ads (so you do not get them free, you have to pay for them), and then sell advertising space on your website, and hope that the revenue you generate via the ads that you publish on your site bring in more money than you pay for Google AdWords. That’s about as much detail as I can give you here.

Again, for me, this method did not work, and I have not talked to anyone for whom this method did work. Adwords arbitrage was once a big money maker, but I do not know people who know successfully do it, AdWords has changed a lot since the days where arbitrage was “easy”.

If you want to learn about AdWords, I suggest you go to Google’s own Adwords Learning Center first. They have hours and hours of free training materials on how to use AdWords. Once you have gone through the whole training, use $100 to get some hands on experience with AdWords. This should be “play money”, meaning: you should be ready to lose this money. Of course, you still want to do the best job possible managing these campaigns, but see it as “training”.

After you have done that, it’s time for some PPC training. But PLEASE do NOT buy any AdWords course if you haven’t gone through the whole Google AdWords Learning Center course and gotten $100 worth of experience actually using AdWords. I made that mistake, and it cost me bitterly and was very frustrating.

The Google AdWords Learning Center is NOT there to teach you how to make money with AdWords. It’s just about how to use AdWords the right way, the “mechanics” and rules of AdWords so to speak. Once you know the basics really well, then it’s time to look at advanced PPC strategies and courses.