How To Register A Domain Name

This article is for people who are totally new to online marketing. We are going to look at how to register a domain name. It is pretty basic information, but I am also going to cover some great tools that help you to locate good domain names and some common mistakes to avoid.

Before you actually register a domain name, you want to find a domain name that fits your needs and will make for great branding for your online business.

Nowadays almost all one-keyword domains are gone. One-keyword domains are domains like: or or

Even almost all the good two-keyword domains are gone:,, – all gone.

And even some three-keyword domains are gone:, and so on.

You can kind of get around that by using hyphens between the keywords, but I suggest you don’t. With hyphens, a lot of people are going to forget the hyphens when they type in your domain name and might actually end up on a competitors domain. Also, it does have (a little bit) of a negative effect on your search engine rankings (although not too much). But the main reason is that most people think those hyphen domains are “cheap”. It’s just not good branding.

Also, there are many other top-level-endings than just .com. So for example, while is already taken, is still available. But I really suggest you stick with .com domain names, pretty much for the same reasons: people will accidentally type in the .com domain name, search engines give higher rankings to .com domain names, and it’s also better branding. Also, stay away from the other domain endings like .net .org .cc .me and so on. They are generally not worth it.

So, then it all comes back to the mighty .com.

But all the good ones are taken, aren’t they?

No, not really. here’s a little tool that can help you to find a good domain name to register:

Bustaname lets you put in several keywords and it will combine them in all possible ways together to find available domains. If you are having trouble finding available domain names, try bustaname. It also has a built-in thesaurus to help you brainstorm more variations for your terms.

Once you found a domain name, it’s time to claim ownership before somebody else does.

(Note: if you found a domain name that you really like, register it right away. Don’t say: ah, I’ll sleep over it and come back tomorrow. Get it now. I had several occasions where I did that and some great domains have been snatched away under my nose. Some registrars seem to share the domain registration checks with third parties, and these third parties go through the domains that have been checked and register the ones they like. Once they registered them, you can’t get them back. With domain names, it’s first come, first serve.)

How To Register A Domain Name

Now you want to go to a registrar and register your domain name right away. The way it works is that you visit the registrars website, type in the domain name you want and then enter your name, address and payment information and finalize your order.

A domain shouldn’t cost more than $10. There are a lot of shady domain registrars out there who will lure you in with all kinds of special offers, but in the end they end up being a lot more expensive than the domain registrars I will recommend you in a minute.

Here the registrars that I register all my domains with:


I have done business with these for years and they’re ok. My least favorite is, because their customer support is really, really lousy in most cases, and they tend to “lock you in” in kind of unfair ways. Also, every time you buy a domain, they will try to upsell you all kinds of other stuff that you don’t need.

(If you decide to order with, be aware that they will always want to sell you the .net .org and .me domain, and all kinds of other stuff to to “protect your online presence”. It really isn’t necessary. All you want is the .com domain. I used to register all kinds of misspellings too when I bought my first domain names, but all that is wasted money. Just chose the domain you want and take it. Skip the rest.)

Once you completed your domain purchase, you will receive a receipt. I suggest you print it out for your records. You will also receive an email. Now the domain name is yours.

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