Keyword Suggestion Tools

Keyword Suggestion ToolThere are many keyword suggestion tools available for online marketers.

The best one is free to use for everybody – the Google Keyword Tool. Google has direct access to the biggest set of search data out there, and that makes them the most relevant and accurate keyword suggestion tool in the world.

I really encourage you to familiarize yourself with Google’s keyword tool intimately. (If you sign up for my BS letter you’ll get some sneaky “insider tricks” of the GKT).

One of the best new keyword suggestion tools out there is KPro. KPro pulls data out of more keyword resources than any other tool – including Google, Keyword Discovery, Wordtracker, MIVA and others. And you can do everything that you can do with the Google Keyword Tool with this one from your own interface. (That alone was worth the money to me). Then you can export data, target specific countries, can analyze competition on individual keyword phrases and much more. I highly suggest you check this keyword suggestion tool out.

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Another popular free keyword suggestion tool is the Keyword Suggestion Tool. I personally am not using it, and in my opinion it’s a very popular, but not a very good tool, but just have a look for yourself – sometimes it’s easier for beginning online marketers to use their tool. SEOBook gets it’s data from Wordtracker, which we’ll talk about next.

Another of my favourite keyword tools is WordTracker. Wordtracker has a free and a paid version. You can try the free Wordtracker tool, or go for the 14-day free trial with WordTrackers full functionality. One thing you have to be aware of when using WordTracker is that their data relies on a much smaller data volume than the Google Keyword Tool. So the search count at wordtracker is much lower than at the Google keyword tool. Just one example: The term flyfishing brings up a search count of “90” at wordtracker, and 165,000 at the Google Keyword Tool. Does that mean that Wordtracker is completely useless? No, it still is a great tool, just view the search count in wordtracker rather as a relative indicator, than an accurate reflection of real search volume.

One neat thing about Wordtracker is that it already does a lot of the research you could do for you with the click of a mouse. When you sign up for the free trial, you’ll see for yourself.

One of the best keyword suggestion tools out there is Keyword Discovery. Unfortunately, it also comes with one of the “best” price tags. (Keyword Discovery is a product from Trellian, a company that is very big in the search marketing field). It costs almost $200 per month, or if you sign up for the yearly plan then it’s $1895, which is fine if you are making a lot of money, but for beginning marketers, it obviously is out of reach. Keyword Discovery has A LOT of advanced functions, and it IS worth the money if you know how to use it right. But if you are not already making at least $2000 a month online, then I suggest you stay away from it. If you absolutely want to find out what’s under the hub, then you can sign up for a free Keyword Discovery Trial.

Keyword Research Tool KProAnother great keyword suggestion tool is SpyFu. With SpyFu you can “spy” on keywords others are bidding on. This is very powerful, because you can also see how much money a particular advertiser is spending on PPC. If an advertiser is spending a lot of money on PPC, it’s very likely that their campaigns are profitable. And if their campaigns are profitable, you can check out their landing pages and offers, and emulate that, and improve a little bit on it, and then you get to enjoy the benefits from their hard work. (Not that this method does not involve work on your part too… but you basically let other people do all the heavily lifting of detecting profitable keywords).

In the past Digitalpoint and Overture also had great keyword suggestion tools, but these services are dead now – they are not updating their data anymore, and you should not waste your time with them.