New Article Marketing Revolution by Kamram Chowdhury

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A new article marketing revolution is really what is needed. If you have tried your hands recently at “bum marketing” (which used to work really well at the time it was invented), you probably typed your fingers bloody. Kamram Chowdhury is not one of the guys who has been active in article marketing forever. In fact, he’s quiet new to the game, having started out in 2007.

But that is not a bad thing. Quiet the contrary. You see, if you want to learn article marketing, there are a lot of “old hands” out there who will teach it to you, and prove that their methods work by showing you their hundred thousand dollar payouts. But most of these guys have been doing it forever. They have the first mover advantage. Their sites have earned their trust and rankings in Google already and they have a big fat foundation upon which everything else builds.

Not so Kamram – he build his article marketing empire the hard way – through trial and error. And I’m sure there are a thousand things he tried that failed, before he found a system that works – and that works NOW, in September 2009. He calls it the New Article Marketing Revolution, and whatever you think of that title… just imagine how powerful it would be to put an article on Ezinearticles that gets over 1,8 million views.

Specially if it takes you only thirty minutes to do so.

(Heck, there are VERY few article marketers on Ezinearticles who have gotten 1,8 million views for ALL of their articles combined!)

If you are starting out to make money on a budget, then article marketing is the way to go. It’s not a scam. It WILL take work.

(And anyone who tells you that it doesn’t take work to consistently make real money online is trying to pull one over on you).

Click Here To Get The New Article Marketing Revolution Now

Here’s what some of the people who got a little sneak preview of the BETA version received said:

Wow. Excellent stuff! If you’re looking to rank high with articles to drive traffic, this method WILL NOT FAIL. This ebook goes into detail on the theory, then he breaks it down into step-by-step, and then even gives a case study and lists all the resources you need. Highly recommended.
– razztek from the Warrior Forum

This is without a doubt one of the best reports on article marketing that I have ever read and I highly recommend it.
– Francois du_Toit from the Warrior Forum

As someone that always looks at testimonials suspiciously I find it weird to be on the writing side of that.
I have just finished reading this course and it is pure gold. I have read a lot of other books on the subject but nothing compares to this one.
Really well written, explained in details, screenshots, tools and software.
This could easily turn into moneymaking machine if applied like the author suggests.
I haven’t even gotten to the bonuses yet but I can honestly say I was surprised of all the great information I got.
This is an outstanding report. It really takes article marketing to another level.
newfr8 from the Warrior Forum

I’m usually not satisfied with Guru Products and even stuff i got from WSOs here, but this guy is the real deal for sure.
If you are interested in how to get the maximum out of your articles, or just want to get into the writing articles arena with a big advantage – do yourself a big favor and get this course.
amitcor from the Warrior Forum

Very well done, seriously. I haven’t thought of these strategies and your report is very well written and clear. I learned a lot!
yellowboy from the WarriorForum

Kamran Chowdhury has improved the 2009 version of New Article Marketing Revolution a lot since then, and included things that he did NOT include in the beta release, which makes it even more powerful.

So if you are into article marketing, then you should definitely not miss out on this one.

Click Here To Get The New Article Marketing Revolution Now