One Week Marketing Review

One Week MarketingOne Week Marketing is a course that teaches you how to make money online using free strategies. I highly recommend this method for anybody who is just getting started. Because,yes, there are methods out there to make more money faster, but they will require you to invest some money. And they will require you to lose some money before you make some.

If you ever tried Pay Per Click marketing like Google AdWords, you know how easy it is to lose a lot of money really fast.

It’s not that AdWords is a bad way of advertising. It’s one of the best ways to make lots of money. But to get really good at it (meaning: profitable), you need to spend thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours in training.

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That’s why I like one week marketing. You can do it totally for free, you don’t need to buy anything or spend any kind of money to use these strategies.

Then you just follow the steps that are clearly laid out in the one week marketing plan.

Do it day by day. After one week, you will have your first campaigns set up.

The next week, rinse and repeat. Set up a another one week marketing campaign.

If you have more free time on your hand, you can set up several campaigns per week to make more money faster. But even if you just set up one campaign per week, I am very confident that you will make money in the first week.

What’s important: don’t get fancy. Just follow the steps of the one week marketing plan.

Maybe you already know some online marketing tricks. And when you get to see the One Week Marketing, you might think: hey, that’s too easy, I can do that better.

If you can do it better: great! But for the beginning, do ONLY follow the steps. It’s very easy. But: it works.

Do you know (and hate) Squidoo?

About two years ago I heard of Squidoo for the first time, and got all excited, because I heard a lot of good stuff about it. I tried it. Set up dozens of lenses on squidoo. But they got very little traffic and made me zero money. I started to hate Squidoo.

The reason why I write about squidoo in this One Week Marketing review is because Squidoo is a central element of this strategy. That was one reason why I did not try the One Week Marketing plan for quiet some months. Until I heard more and more good things about it. Finally I decided: what the heck, it comes with a 56 day money back guarantee. I’ll buy it, try it, if it doesn’t work, I’ll get my money back.

So I did. Tried it. Set aside two hours a day for a week to give One Week Marketing a shot.

And I started to make sales within the first week.

That got my attention. Next week, I set up several campaigns, and the first campaign was still making me money. I already made more money than I spent on the course itself.

I really got to thank PotPieGirl (that’s the nickname of Jen Ledbetter, the woman who created that course). It’s an awesome course.

Exclusive Bonus: Personal 1:1 Coaching For Your Campaign

I want to “pay it back” not to her, but instead pay it forward to you. If you are willing to give this a serious try, I will throw in a bonus for you if you click on the link on this website, get the One Week Marketing Plan and send me your receipt and follow the One Week Marketing Guide, I will review your sites, give you feedback and show you how you can improve your campaign personally. I will do this for you with one campaign, and you will then be able to do it yourself with the other campaigns you have online.

Do you want to make a $1000-$7000 a month online?

one week marketingLook, I do not think that this course will turn you into a millionaire. But if you like the idea of creating a business from scratch that could make you more than $80000 a year in the first year, while you can keep your job, or continue to study, then I think this is a great method. You don’t need to risk or invest any money. Just give it a try.

I hope this One Week Marketing Review demonstrated that this is a great way for people to start with nothing and build wealth.
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