Online Affiliate Marketing

In this article we are going to look at what exactly online affiliate marketing is. If you are interested in making money online, without having to be an internet expert or computer geek, then I am very confident that online affiliate marketing is the best way for you to go.

First look at what affiliate marketing is:
There are basically three parties involves. A merchant, who is offering a product or service for sale. A customer, who is willing to buy something. And then there is an affiliate, who helps to connect the customer with the merchant.
It is kind of like being a broker. For each customer that buys a product from the merchant, you get a commission. Sometimes that commission is just 1%, sometime that commission can be 75% and even more. (So in that case, as an affiliate, if you bring a customer to a merchants offer, and the customer buys it, and pays $100, then you get $75, and the merchant get’s $25 and all the headaches that are connected with delivering the product and customer service, while you get to enjoy your $75. Okay – merchants are smart business people most of the time, and they have systems set in place that help them to deal with all this stuff, but even those systems usually require some care and attention).

Now let’s see how an online affiliate connects a merchant with a customer.

An affiliate chooses the offers he is going to promote. Often an affiliate specializes on promoting a certain kind of product. For example, an online affiliate might specialize in diet supplements, or ringtones, or children’s clothing.

The reason why an affiliate often spezializes on certain markets is because he can get to know that market a lot better and in more detail, and thus has an advantage over other affiliates, because he understands what prospects are looking for, and he understands which merchants have the most popular offers.

Now, there are a lot of online affiliate marketing methods, but I’ll focus on the most popular ones here:

Online Affiliate Marketing As A Traffic Broker
Here, the affiliate just sends lots of traffic to a merchants offer. The way he gets the traffic is most often with banner advertising, pay per click advertising, domain squatting and email lists. If you don’t know what all these terms mean, don’t worry. Unless you have a whole lot of money to blow while figuring things out, I suggest you don’t start with this method, because it’s only for really advanced marketers.

Online Affiliate Marketing With Your Own Website
Here, you as an affiliate create your own website on a certain topic. You then bring people to your website with different methods. You want to publish some articles on your website that are related to your topic. So when people google or bing for information about what it is they want to buy, they can find your website. If you don’t know how to publish your own website, and publish articles, don’t worry, I cover this in a simple step-by-step manner in my BS Letter.