Press Release Marketing

Press Release Marketing SoftwarePress release marketing is an old, but still effective method to drive highly-targeted traffic to your websites and increase your rankings in the search engines. But you need to understand how press release marketing works, because you have to write in a very specific style in order for your media releases to be successful.

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when trying to do press release marketing is that they write their releases as if they were salesletters or advertisements.

Realize: press releases always be written in a journalistic style. Kind of like a newspaper article. The headline should clearly explain what the press release is about, and convey the main benefit to the reader.

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One reason why press release marketing works so well is because there are a lot of press release sites out there today. And these sites get a lot of eyeballs, because of RSS distribution, even on Google News and Yahoo news (which again leads to yet more distribution if done the right way). I call it exponential exposure growth.

If you want to submit a successful press release, you must have something that is worthwhile to be read. Make it an interesting message. If there is nothing interesting about your website, your business, your service, your product, then MAKE something interesting out of it. If you promote accounting services, then do a contest where you offer free accounting consultation for a small business owner, or whatever your target market is. If you promote a hair growth product as an affiliate, then release some funny videos or cartoons about strange places to grow hair. You don’t need to make professional videos or great looking cartoons. Just the idea itself is more important, even if you hire a teenage kid to draw some cartoons for you for $20. It’s the story itself that counts, and that will get spread.

Also, add a link to a relevant landing page to your press release. Too many people send very specific press releases out and the link leads to their homepage. Then visitors who want to learn more about the specific thing your press release is about need to find the link that leads them to the relevant content on your page. (Hint: this very rarely happens. Most web surfers just leave a site if they can’t immediately find what they are looking for).

And use a press release distribution service or a press release submission tool. This way you can reach dozens of press release sites and benefit from exponential exposure growth.

If you want even more exposure, use social bookmarking to drive even more traffic to your press releases.

If you have a very profitable landing page that converts well, you should also consider submitting a professional press release to sites like These cost money, but they can also get a lot of exposure, and if you have everything set up the right way you can get targeted traffic for a lot less than you would pay with PPC.

But you can often get just as much exposure submitting to many small press release sites using a good press release submission tool.

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