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social bookmarking toolSocial bookmarking tools can help you to drive a lot of traffic to your sites. In my opinion, if you want to use social bookmarking as a traffic generation strategy, NOT using social bookmarking tools is like shooting yourself in the head. Once upon a time, when social bookmarking was new, you could just manually do your social bookmarking. But now, in order to see any results, you need automation, you need social bookmarking tools to do it. Because the value that you get out of bookmarking a site is so little, that it’s just not worth your time.

That does not mean that social bookmarking is a waste of time though. You just need to do it the right way. (Most people who use social bookmarking though do so because they want “fre” traffic and are to cheap to pay for bookmarking. That’s fine, but in the end they pay with their most valuable asset: their own time. If you think your time is worth more than $2 an hour, then by all means, don’t do manual social bookmarking).

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It doesn’t matter whether you are doing AdSense, whether you are selling an ebook, promoting an affiliate offer or doing CPA – if you want targeted traffic, then social bookmarking is an excellent way to do so.

But it’s not enough to just bookmark your site on several different social bookmarking sites. (Otherwise a tool like socialmatic would be enough). You need to leverage your bookmarks like individual assets. You don’t just want to give exposure to your own sites, but you also want to promote your links on the bookmarking sites itself. This is a great way of getting high-PR backlinks to your site, and thus pushing your own sites up in the search engines consistently.

There are some SEO service providers who offer social bookmarking account creation and social bookmarking services, but I wasn’t really all to happy with what I had to pay for it.

Then there are other social bookmarking tools that charge monthly fees, which can get quiet expensive quickly.

BD is my tool of choice, because it also automatically randomizes my bookmarks so that I don’t raise a “red flag” with the search engines and bookmarking sites and get banned. The developers of this software are internet marketers themselves and are familiar with the strategies we are using to promote products. So they designed this social bookmarking software in a way that it really is “custom-tailored” for our needs.

Also, this is NOT a spam software. There are many social bookmarking tools that are designed specifically for “blackhat marketers”. If you know anything about blackhat marketing, you know that it is very common to get banned. You don’t want that to happen. Putting a lot of work into a site and then seeing it disappear from the search engines and social sites, that that you make a big fat $0 from that site is no fun. (Been there, done that. Believe me).

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