Social Media Marketing

social media marketing courseSocial media marketing is the absolute buzzword of the year. With the rise of twitter, social media is now absolute mainstream. If you’ve been part of the internet marketing crowd for a while, you probably remember how social marketing and web2.0 sites became the new buzzwords around 2006.

Nowadays, you can find more “social media experts” than insurance salesmen out there. (Well, maybe not yet, but there definitely are lots and lots of self-proclaimed “social media marketing experts” out there). Most of them have no clue how to make money with social media.

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It is true that social media are going to become more and more important, and that you want to establish a social media presence across various web 2.0 sites.

Btw. I really want to “clear up” one common misconception about web2.0. Many people believe that web2.0 is something new, that it is just a recent development. But it really isn’t. It has been part of the beginning of the internet, but web2.0 is just a term that describes the emergence of a trend. The internet has always been about user-generated content and interaction. Since the beginning there were message boards, discussion forums, mailing lists – all the new social media sites are just more advanced forms of these basic interaction based kinds of websites.

One thing that is great about social media is that you can really build a business online for free. All these social media sites don’t charge you a dime for hosting a website on them, because they make money off your content by displaying ads on your pages. The ads don’t bother you, they don’t bother the visitors and somebody is making money with them. (Most of all: the social networks themselves).

There’s a lot to social marketing. If you have been trained in direct response marketing, you should know that the rules are very different. What works in direct response marketing does NOT work in social media marketing. Direct response marketing is a medium where HYPE is very effective. With social media marketing, hype is a big nono. If you hype your products or offers too much, people are just going to ignore you.

Social media is a lot more about relationship building and branding the the traditional internet marketing.

One of the foremost authorities of social media marketing, Jack Humphrey and a couple of other web2.0 marketers have created a product that teaches you how to drive a lot of traffic to your website using free social media marketing methods. This is a real blueprint that you can follow step by step to create a never ending flood of visitors to your website using social media marketing. You still have to do the work, but you get so much more for the effort you put it.

(I know what I am talking about – I have wasted hundreds of hours juggling around without a plan with social media marketing things. I saw some results, but I did not make any “real money” with my social media marketing efforts. If that describes your situation as well, then I highly suggest you try the Web2.0 Marketing Tips).

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