The Best Affiliate Marketing Program?

Are you looking for the best affiliate marketing program? I can’t tell you which one is the best for you without knowing you, but I can show you the bests ones out there, and you can then decide which fits your needs best.

There are a couple of things to look out for when it comes to affiliate programs. Some people think that has the best affiliate marketing program. Other people think ebay. Other people think Commission Junction, or Clickbank, or, or… well, I could go on forever here, there are just so many out there.

So let’s look at some candidates for the best affiliate marketing program that you can join if you are NOT an internet marketing genius and have a lot of money to spend.

I’d say the number one affiliate marketing program is Clickbank. Clickbank is a provider of digital products. That means: ebooks, online videos, MP3s, and so on. Most of the products they sell are information products that teach people how to do something. For example, there are ebooks that teach people how to get six-pack abs, there are online courses that teach people certain pay per click marketing strategies, and so on.

The great thing about clickbank is that you generally get a high payout as an affiliate. For example, a product might sell for $30, and you as an affiliate could get 75% of that $30. So even one sale can make you some money.

Another good thing is that many of these digital products are niche products. So you can create a website about a topic that you are interested in, and promote very targeted products that visitors of your website are probably interested in.

Another candidate for the best affiliate marketing program is a double team: ebay and amazon. I put them together, because they are KIND of similar. Ebay and Amazon are two of the largest online retailers in the world. They sell… almost everything, including very high in demand bestsellers. You have a huge spectrum of things to promote. In fact, you could create a website about smurfs, if you are into smurfs, and make money promoting ebay auctions selling smurf stuff.

If you are now asking yourself: what in the world could I sell to people who are interested in smurfs, just check out the ebay offers related to smurfs. At the time of me writing this, there are 2190 auctions going on selling something that is about smurfs. Smurf watches, mugs, action figures, stickers, badges, and so on.

Another good thing with both the ebay and the Amazon affiliate marketing program is that they are very good with keeping track, so that you actually do get credited for the sales you generate. You can trust them as an affiliate. The downside is: most of the time, you are earning pennies, because you only get a couple of percent of the revenue generated.

Compare that to Clickbank: You might sell one ebook for $30 bucks and get $22.50. But with Amazon, you might have to sell 20 books for to make $22.50, because the commissions are so much lower.

The last candidate for the best affiliate marketing program that I want to introduce you to is Commission Junction. Commission Junction is great because you can promote very specific, targeted products with almost as big a selection of products as Amazon or ebay, but the payouts can often be much, much higher.

The big downside with Commission Junction is that they aren’t very affiliate friendly. For example, many of the merchants that you might promote via Commission Junction aggressively promote website visitors to call their hotline.

Now, imagine you send over some highly targeted traffic to an ecommerce shop selling yachting equipment. The customer gets there, finds what he is looking for, is ready to buy and then see’s in big bold letters: Question? Call our customer support team!. Some merchants even offer discounts if a person orders via the hotline instead of online.

Now, guess what happens to your affiliate commission once a website visitor picks up the phone and calls that company to purchase the item? Yes, it goes down the drain. They don’t track where a customer has been referred to that’s calling in. So they don’t need to pay you as an affiliate.

Another big downside with Commission Junction is that if you don’t generate sales within a 90 day period, they will kick you out of that affiliate program. So even if your website later sends people over to the merchant who make a purchase, you won’t be credited, even though they got their via your affiliate link, because your affiliate status has been revokes with that advertiser. But despite that, Commission Junction still can be a great affiliate marketing program, because of the wide selection of products and high commissions they offer.

I hope this introduction was useful for you. I surely can’t cover everything in great detail here, but this should give you some ideas over the benefits and downsides of the different possibilities open to you.

Another thing to keep in mind is: you don’t need to find THE best affiliate marketing program. You can sign up for several programs and promote products simultanously, even rotating offers and testing things.