YouTube Video Marketing

YouTube Video MarketingThere is a very good reason why you should get into YouTube video marketing.

Everybody is talking about the “3 big search engines” Google, Yahoo and MSN aka Bing.

(Yahoo is rapidly going down the drain, and Bing is veery, veery slowly gaining a tiny little bit of market share…)

But did you know that YouTube is actually the second biggest search engine?

“YouTube? YouTube is about online videos, what does that have to do with search engines?”

You probably know already that YouTube has a little search box on it’s page.

Did you know that the YouTube search box processes more searches than Bing and Yahoo?

That makes it the second biggest search engine.

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And online video is only growing bigger by the month, so that number is destined to grow even more over the course of the next months and years.

That is why you should be using YouTube video marketing to make money online.

“But what if I don’t want to make videos?”

I hear you. I know not everybody likes to put his face on a screen. (I don’t like it either).

You don’t need to record yourself.

You don’t even need to create a screenrecording, or powerpoint or anything like that.

You don’t need to create any video at all to successfully do YouTube video marketing.

Yes, of course it would be great to put up a video and get 10 million views, or even more, just like Susan Boyle.

But it’s just not that easy.

Do you know how many videos are being uploaded every single day to YouTube? According to the numbers I have: 200,000 new videos per day.

Can you imagine that? 200,000 new videos each and every single day. Let’s do a quick calculation how many videos that is in one month: 200,000×30=6,000,000.

Six million new videos every single month. Now, do you get a feel for how hard it is to “win” against 5,999,999 other videos?

Yeah, it’s somewhere between winning the lottery and getting a gold medal in the olympic games.

The days were it was easy to go viral with a YouTube video are long gone. And that’s okay.

Because if you really understand the way YouTube video marketing works, you don’t need to produce videos that will go viral. (As we already found out – it’s very, very, very hard to produce viral videos that really spread. Believe me, I tried it many times, and I wasted a lot of money on equipment, outsourcing and whatnot to produce “cool videos” that brought me nowhere fast).

So how can you market on YouTube when you don’t even have your own videos?

I am going to use an ugly word here, but it really illustrates the point very well: become a “YouTube parasite”.

You know, a parasite is a creature that finds a host and then engages in a symbiotic relationship with the host, and benefits from it at the expense of the host.

Now, I am not really asking you to be a parasite, because the strategy that you are going to learn is NOT at the expense of your “host”. In fact, it benefits both you AND the host. Both of you will be very happy when you see the money coming in.

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